I loved this course. Thank you Ishtar! - Susan Greenberg, Australia

I have just completed my twelve practice sessions for Level Three of Universal Rays Healing Therapy. I wanted to "Thank You" and the Ascended Masters for such an expansive and high vibration Healing modality. There was much to learn during these three levels. The layering of information given during each level, and each set of practice sessions, really gave me a firm foundation. Janet was a wonderful teacher! This was a comprehensive and well thought out integration process of learning! Feel competent to be of service with the Universal Rays Healing Therapy. Many Blessings To You! - Katie McCoy, New York

For me personally when choosing the templates of the Universal Ray Healings I have found a language that resonates deeply for me through what is currently being held in my being and through those experiences I have found this modality to be so accurate and profound for me and allows me to feel safe and nurtured for my beings needs. - Trish, Australia

Receiving the universal rays is subtle yet profound. There is a slow unraveling that is life altering & enhancing. Practical, precise & embodying. With deep gratitude. - Maria Mazzara, USA

Universal Ray Healing sessions are personal and profound experiences. I have had three sessions. Each session builds upon the last with flowing energy integration on many levels. At the end of each session, I was given a message from an ascended being. - Linda Todd, USA

I have now received two Universal Rays Healing sessions from Alison Ramsay as part of my OTC Master program and I must thank Ishtar, Alison and the Masters of Light for bringing the powerful healing energy to Mother Earth, the connections of each element along with the specialist love brought to me have been so helpful during my spiritual journey of self discovery. - Mark L, from Shanghai, China

Thank you Ishtar. I am extremely happy with where we have reached and so grateful for your help. What you do is amazing! Thanks again. - Nick Roberts, Sydney, Australia

My Universal Ray Healing session with Cara Clark was a very profound experience for me. It started off as quite relaxing but soon I felt as if I was taken to another dimension. I began to see, what I can only describe as, a video playing in my head. It was as real as if I were watching an actual movie. At the time of my session, I was in the process of battling a eating disorder. What I saw and experienced during the universal ray healing was very powerful for me and I have no doubt was a turning point in my recovery. - Lenore Garcia, USA

This session was much more intense than the first one. I physically felt like I weighed a ton and could not move my body at all. I felt the release of toxic energy and saw it as it occurred. I saw black winged beings being washed over in purple until they all disappeared. My head also felt very heavy and it stayed with that feeling the longest. My body lightened as the session went on, but my head took the longest to come back to a feeling of normalcy. I also saw what appeared to be DNA strands, and they too were washed over in purple light and I could feel the positive energy entering my body and the change and release of negative energy. This was the beginning phase of the physical and emotional healing taking place inside my body. the work was intense and we completed 2 of 3 cards in that one session. Afterwards I felt shaky and needed to ground. Later that night I felt an immediate improvements physically, mentally & emotionally. I felt the effects of this session for several weeks as it continued to work on me and helped me have better self-awareness of triggers in my life and new, more positive ways for me to deal with them. The message I got was the session was about identifying and releasing anger, hurt, & pain to allow love to come in and heal. That very night, someone I had not spoken to in a long time, called me to confront me over a long-seated issue I did not even know she felt. I was able to really listen to her, hear her out, talk it out with her, and we came to a place of healing. That was totally conformation for me! - Michele Echevarria, USA