Nicola Kerr

Universal Rays Healing™ Teacher and Level 3 Practitioner


Teaches: Universal Rays Healing™

Location: Berrilee NSW Australia

[email protected]

Phone: 0424 291 844


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For over 20 years my passion has been helping people to heal, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My journey began with food, as I started to see the negative effects of the chemicals in our food and environment and how foods from nature could heal the body. 

My journey then took me into understanding the effects of emotions on health and well-being and then into energy work and spirituality. 

I have been a reiki master since 2016, a food coach practitioner since 2014, I have studied Aromatherapy, EFT, Breathwork and Somatic Arts.  In February 2020 I received my first round of Universal Ray Healings. The shifts and transformation that occurred were unlike anything I had experienced before.  I knew I needed to understand this work and I studied to become a practitioner.  The transformations I witnessed in my clients over and over again became undeniable. I became a teacher of the Universal Rays Healing so I could help more and more people share this work and experience real change in their lives.

It is an honour and privilege to be able to share this work and witness such deep transformation.

All of Ishtar’s work and courses are deeply profound. I have completed Open to Channel and currently studying Path of the One Heart - Harmoniser.


After just one session with Nicola this client saw a shift in her being. More to come...