Level 3 Course

In Universal Rays Healing™ Level Three theory you learn to work with the the Feminine Ascended Masters and the Universal Rays that support and nourish your soul on Earth to manifest its Mastery. Level 3 supports you to access your Soul and Spirit connection.

During this level you also learn about the 5 Higher Energy bodies, the 7 Higher Chakras, the 10 Higher Universal Rays Healing™ Cards and how to work with the energy that supports and nourishes you through the consciousness of the Feminine Masters.

Today, the Universal Rays Healing™ Level 3 theory is taught online with 5 video modules covering the following:

  1. The Higher Chakras

  2. The Higher Energy Bodies

  3. The Higher Univeresal Rays and Masters

  4. The 10 Higher Universal Rays Healing™ cards

  5. How to do a Soul Chart for couples

    Each of the above modules has a multiple-choice assessment that you need to complete correctly to move to the next module.

    The Level 3 course materials include:

  • Universal Rays Healing™ Level 3 course manual

  • A pack of 10 Universal Rays Healing™ cards that you need to add to the Level 2 pack of 28 cards (giving you a pack of 38 – master number of 11).

  • 1 x Full colour set (5) of A4 printed codes for the Higher Energy Bodies

  • 1 x Full colour set (7) of A4 printed codes for the Higher Chakras.

Course materials are included in your payment for the theory training. These are sent to you after payment is completed. Please allow time for delivery (usually 2 weeks international and 2-5 days Australia. 

Once you have completed these Level 3 theory you may then do the practical training over 2 days with an accredited Universal Rays Healing™ teacher. During these 2 days you will learn how to do the complete healing practice using the 38 Universal Rays Healing™cards, connecting to the Higher Energy Bodies and Chakras and channeling the energies of the Feminine Masters, as well as receiving guidance for setting up your healing practice.

These 2 days are at an extra cost paid directly to the accredited teach you have chosen to train you, either live online or in person.

A certificate of accreditation is supplied for each level of this training on completion. After your practical training with an accredited teacher you need to complete 12 practice sessions to become accredited.

When you have completed Level 3 then you are a fully qualified and accredited Universal Rays Healing™ practitioner. You are then fully trained to assist your clients to open to receive the higher frequencies of support and assistance of Source to manifest and anchor their Mastery on Earth.