Level 2 Course

Level 2 Universal Rays Healing™ training teaches you to work with the cards of polarity that tell you what unresolved karma the client needs to resolve and release.

You are completely guided step-by-step to understand the polarity of this karma and how to resolve it at a deep and profound level.

Today, the Universal Rays Healing™ Level 2 theory is taught online with 9 video modules covering the following:

  1. Review of Level 1

  2. The Light Body

  3. The 7 Lower Energy Bodies

  4. The Universal Laws

  5. Aspects, Programs, Beliefs and Contracts

  6. The Ego

  7. Polarity and the Magnetic Field of the Earth

  8. The Platinum Ray

  9. The Process – 3 cards and the Divine Decree

Each of the above modules has an assessment (except for Module 1 Review of Level 1) that you need to complete correctly to move to the next module.


The Level 2 course materials include:

1.     A4 Universal Rays Healing™ Level 2 manual

2.     Set of 7 A4 Lower Energy Body codes

3.     Universal Rays Healing™ Booklet 

4.     Set of A5 Universal Rays Healing™ Cards for healing (28 cards in the set).  

Course materials are included in your payment. These are sent to you after payment is completed. Please allow time for delivery (usually 2 weeks international and 2-5 days Australia.

Once you have completed these Level 2 modules you may then train with an accredited Universal Rays Healing™ teacher over 2 days to learn how to do the healing practice with the 28 Universal Rays Healing™cards and increase your expertise with the Soul Chart. 

These 2 days of practical training is an extra cost paid directly to the accredited teacher you choose to train you, either live online or in person.

A certificate of accreditation is supplied for each level of this training on completion. After your practical training with an accredited teacher you need to complete 12 practice sessions to become accredited.