Susie Cameron

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Susie Cameron

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Offers in person and online healings

Location: Pottsville, NSW Australia

[email protected]

Phone: +61 411 663 926


I originally trained in this work as it captured my heart after experiencing first hand the profound and transformative healings myself. This work totally changed so many things in my life and supported my relationship with myself and others in the most expansive way.

I have witnessed incredible results with clients from around the world who shift and transform their lives with the assistance of the Universal Rays Healings and it would be my honour to support you in doing the same.

As an Energy Healer, Mentor and practitioner of the Universal Rays Healing, I am here to support and assist you to heal all that is in resistance and blocking you from experiencing your highest potential in life – physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

With the assistance of the Ascended Masters and the Universal Rays you will be guided through a energetic process which will allow you to discover what you hold in deep resistance of opening to, and be supported to shift this old consciousness to create a deeper sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing in your life.

Having completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 Universal Rays Healing™ Accreditation, I love being a practitioner of this work. This is my heart song work and it is such an immense privilege to be a practitioner.



“I was fortunate enough to begin seeing Susie Cameron as a healer late in 2020 when I was going through a profoundly difficult crisis involving a family member. I have had to date four absolutely transformative Universal Healing Ray sessions with Susie, each one uncovering deeper and deeper aspects of the situation and expanding healing deep into my family’s past. Susie is a born natural healer . …. her deeply intuitive and gentle compassion manage to slice through constellations of history, ancestral patterns and limiting beliefs using these powerful Universal Healing Rays … .the results being nothing short of miraculous. By my fourth session with Susie, where we did a final healing around everything to do with this family member, I truly felt that all dissension had passed… and by the following day, the family member in question called me ….. proof in the 3D that healing had indeed happened. I had not spoken with the person in question for over a year by this stage, and the joy and happiness this bought to our family has been so uplifting. I look forward to always working with such a gifted and empathic healer and teacher as Susie in the future.” Ava Quam Australia

“Beautiful Susie, thank you so much for this healing sessions. So revealing (family, forgiveness, Saint Germain, throat chakra) and so reassuring (You are not alone). I’m so grateful for meeting you and will be embracing this healing energy into my mind body and spirit that I have received and let the healing take place. Love, blessings and gratitude.” 
Gabi FruSal – Queensland, Australia

“All I can say is.. Wow Wow Wow!! I have over the past couple of weeks had the most amazing Universal Ray Healing sessions with Susie .. the loving and spiritual connections mind blowing and the messages that were channelled through were spot on. I can’t thank you enough for our amazing time together. Very powerful.” 
Jeanette M Queensland, Australia

“OMG, Susie – things are moving so fast. And I know a big part is due to your wonderful healing rays.” 
Lucy M – Bali, Indonesia

"I love this work Susie, you are great at practicing this, it feels like an Ancient Sacred Art. Thank you.” 
Ava, Perth, Australia

“I have no hesitation in recommending Susie for a healing session. She is a warm, positive person with a very friendly, outgoing manner, so that one immediately feels at ease knowing she will do her best to help. She provides detailed information and is an excellent channel of a person’s universal rays. One can then reflect on the reasons for one’s attitudes and behaviour in the situations that life has to offer and hopefully learn from them. Thanks again, Susie, for the 3 healing sessions you gave me.” 
Judy Loft – Melbourne, Australia

“I am deeply grateful for the healing sessions I have received from Susie. With kindness and gentleness she guided the healing energy from the Masters to my body and spirit and left me with a new sense of the wonder of who I am and of the unfolding of my path in this life. Thank you again for these sessions. Blessings,” 
Janice – Canada

“I just wanted to share my experience with you and how your healing has benefited me. My healing universal ray healing with Susie was an experience that really helped me where I was at in life. Coming out of each session was very uplifting and gave me awareness to the areas of my life I wanted to excel in. All my sessions with Susie was via zoom which I still felt just as supported as if it was in person. Thank you Susie for all the love and support you shared!” 
Big hugs Harrison (Dennis) Queensland, Australia

“After each of my Universal Ray Healings with Susie I have felt uplifted and lighter. Her ability to tap into exactly what I need and when is incredible and during her guidance through each healing I have felt held and supported. Whilst my healings were remote, I felt like Susie was standing in the same room as me. I would highly recommend Susie’s support for anyone embarking on a healing journey.” 
Tanya Carroll – Melbourne Australia

"I would like to thank you for your beautiful grace and understanding of The Universal Rays and what it means to just hold someone in their journey of Healing and letting go and feeling safe to do this. You have a beautiful, soft, gentle energy that’s each time we met I felt more and more at  peace you supported me with such nurturing when I needed it the most. With your warmth, compassion, and intuitive understanding you created a sacred space for me to embark on a journey of deep healing and self-discovery. Through your expertise of the Masters and the Rays, I felt a profound shift in my energy and a renewed sense of balance and harmony each time. I am so very  grateful for the healing and insight I received, and I highly recommend [Susie] to anyone seeking Universal Rays Healing for spiritual growth and  self discovery. The Cards that I chose were exactly where I’m in my life it is so profound there is no doubt about it." 

"I highly recommend Susie and her work with the Universal Rays. I came to her when I was sick from energetic interference. I could hardly work and my whole life had been disrupted for many years. Susie's compassion was amazing. She has such a beautiful, generous heart, that I instantly felt comfortable allowing the process of receiving and integrating the rays to unfold. After six sessions, I am happy to say that I am healing. I have had to do a lot of inner work as a result of the rays, as issues were shown to me to work on and to clear. But all of this work was necessary and in alignment with Divine Will. I am so grateful that this modality is available. Sessions with Susie and the Ascended Masters have  been life changing. Susie has gone over and above with her loving suggestions and advice, which I truly appreciate. Thank you so much for helping me to rebuild my life! "