Svetlana Aifeld

Universal Rays Teacher & Level 3 Practitioner

Susie Cameron

Teaches: Universal Rays Healing Level 1-3

Location:  Kazakhstan

Languages:  Russian

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Kundalini yoga and sat nam rasayan for more than 10 years with Karta Singh and Guru Dev Singh. Universal Rays with Jay Gopal since 2018. Open to channel school with Bernadette in 2021.

"Work with Rays and Ascended Masters has been my fascination and constant inspiration for the last 5 years. It opened me to a new dimension of possibilities to heal life and body after I already learned all levels of Reiki and other systems. I invite you to forget all the nonsense that society tells us about healers and mystics and come to Universal Rays course to become a magician who can support life-changing healing for people in need".

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