Nancy Cohen

Universal Rays Teacher & Level 3 Practitioner

Susie Cameron

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Location: Newtown, Pennsylvania

[email protected]

Phone: 215-259-3853

Teaches: Universal Rays Healing Level 1-3,  The Masters’ Way and Path of the One Heart as a Caretaker and Scribe.


I am an Energy Practitioner, Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Scribe and Evidential Medium. I am a teacher of The Universal Rays on all three levels as well as a Reiki Master and an IET® Master Teacher.

I bring decades of experience to classes and healing sessions. Gifted as an intuitive child, I had senses that were closed in my twenties and reopened after the World Trade Centre collapsed in 2001. I began to seek healing modalities  beginning with Usui Reiki, and gratefully found my way to the  Ascended Masters and the Universal Rays Healing modality in 2010 through our beautiful teacher In'Easa Mabu Ishtar.

My approach is to meet you where you are and look at the multi-dimensional being you are and how healing work fits into your world.

I am committed to supporting you in your growth as you grow your business, heal your heart and bring this amazing work to yourselves and the world. Universal Rays Healing sessions with me are online as well as in person. It is an honor to bring this magnificent work forward by the Ascended Masters, Rays, Angels and Pranic Healing Gifts of the Earth.

Other Qualifications:  Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, US, Teacher of The Masters' Way and The Path of The One Heart Course Caretakers and Scribes. I am also a teacher of Mindfulness Studies.

About Nancy: Nancy has studied with Ishtar since 2010. She has been teaching courses and Universal Rays healing for a combination of ten years. Nancy is an active member of The Mentors of Love and Wisdom and channels her higher self and shares her gifts with others to allow them to be the best they can be.