Joann Malanga

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Susie Cameron

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Location: New Jersey, USA - The Integrative Conscious Vibe

[email protected]

Instagram: @joannmalanga3

Phone: 973-255-8626


Joann holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Liberal Arts (played this role for 30 years as an Executive Director). She is Certified Soul Integration Coach, Universal Rays Practitioner- RTT Hypnotherapist-Shamanic Practitioner- Shadow Integration Specialist, Energy worker.

She has multiple certifications as Universal Healing Rays Practitioner, Reiki Master, Student of the Universal Path of Light, Love and Mystery School Under In’Easa Mabu Ishtar, Teacher and Guide. She holds the gift of an Open Channel and can readily see through any aspect that is in the way. She is also the owner of The Integrative Conscious Vibe and holds monthly circles for community wellness, breathwork, New Moon Circles.

Joann helps people remove subconscious blocks so they can be empowered and move out of trauma and addiction consciousness. Joann is a medical intuitive and supports the ASCENSION process of humanity. Where her career stopped in the Modern Healthcare spectrum, her mission now is to awaken many more fellow humans and help them be empowered in their own powers and loosen the grip of being controlled by the old consciousness and belief systems. Joann holds the highest frequency of Love, and the ability to assist with integration of the multi-faceted self.

Joann Malanga holds the capability of understanding life challenges, transition, integration of shadow and the expectations that life places on us.  She takes conscious living to the next level.  With her keen self-awareness, strong intuition, and servant leadership skills, she is able to relate on profound levels with all people, at any age, and every religion and every ethnic background. Her ancient wisdom of healing can uproot many traumas that we suppress from childhood all too often causing physical /mental manifestation of pain.  She shows you ways to unfold into your everyday life, as opposed to resisting it.  She carries the energy to support you to move your consciousness to the next level as she has with coaching and energy healing. According to Joann, Shamanic Healing works on the spiritual side of problems and illness. It seeks to recover the persons lost power, restore their life-force energy and removes energies that have attached to the energy field of humans. It enhances the ability to create desired life changes, increases one’s vitality and expanses wholeness and wellbeing-releasing old patterns, addictions, trauma and gaining a strong bond to source energy. High levels of Consciousness are brought to the table, an assessment of belief systems and renewal blueprint is grounded in the now.

Joann came here to awaken and support us in our ascension of humanity with Shadow Aspect Work integration, hands on healing, Shamanic practices, and energy clearing. There has never been a better time then now.