Bronwyn Armstrong

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Susie Cameron

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Location: Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

[email protected]

Phone: 0438 892 855


My name is Bronwyn Armstrong and I have spent years bringing a more thorough understanding of self to a great many people, helping them attract the life and relationships they so desire. The knowledge and wisdom I share has been derived from a combination of my own experience, my research, study and direct communion with the spirit and the energetic world of possibility.

My body of work spans across a wide variety of different mediums, including counselling, business, spiritual & life mentoring/coaching, personal and spiritual development, articles, workshops, meditation CDs, videos and educational programs. Through helping others, I am able to continue studying and evolving spiritually as the pathways open to transcend to into higher consciousness.

It gives me great honour to share the teachings and activations of the “Masters Way” & “Universal Rays Healing” channeled by In’Easa mabu Ishtar over the past 17 years.

These teachings, activations and healings from the Ascended Masters truly transform your day to day life, start you on a journey of freeing yourself of all the binds that no longer serve you.

I am passionate about making a difference in others’ I am most grateful for the teachings of the Path of Light and Universal Rays Healings and look forward to guide others who wish to walk this path.