Nicola Kerr

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Susie Cameron

Universal Rays Level 3 Practitioner

Location: Arcadia NSW 2159 Australia - Offering both in person and online sessions.

[email protected]


Nicola offers you the opportunity to connect deeply with your souls path. To understand the things playing out in your life, how to work with that consciousness and change your reality.


I would HIGHLY recommend working with Nicola and experiencing the Universal Rays healing modality!

I had my first round of healings in Feb 2022 and while I didn't immediately notice the shifts that were happening, when I came back earlier this year for my second round of universal rays and we revisited what we worked on in the first round, I was blown away to see how much had changed.

My first round was focused on healing my family connections and expanding my creativity... Over the 18 months after my healings, not only did I start making money from my work as a portrait artist and fully reclaim my artistry, but my entire relationship with my family shifted in a huge way.

After the pandemic I felt a huge disconnection between myself and my brother and sister-in-law. We had completely opposing views and I was worried the void would never heal. Fast forward to now and I've just come back from spending 4 days with them and my niece in Tokyo Disneyland! The chasm between us is completely gone and the best part is it all happened completely effortlessly. I'm beyond happy to have them back in my life and our relationship has never been better!

The energy of the second round is still reverberating through my life and opening me up to my limitless potential and I'm so excited to see how it continues to weave its magic!